Brisbane restaurant Za Za Ta is now offering an all-vegetarian menu inspired by the food of Tel Aviv.

The new approach covers a range of small meze followed by a charcoal-heavy mains selection and traditional desserts.

“We are staying true to the heritage of our food with ancient recipes and techniques, but we’re evolving what we do,” says Executive Chef Roy Ner.

Dishes include hummus with braised chickpeas and a 63-degree egg; silverbeet and feta börek fingers; mushroom shish cooked on a robata grill and eggplant h’raime.

The menu also features a range of Middle Eastern dumplings, with fillings ranging from pumpkin to lentil and mushroom.

Dessert highlights include a date pudding and mahalabi; a milk pudding with roots in Sassanid Persia.

“Our menu is designed to be easy without much thought for the diner,” says Ner.

Za Za Ta is now open for dinner from Thursday to Saturday.

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