For four generations, Brioche Gourmet has used unique family recipes to make soft authentic French brioches. Now these classic French brioches are available to foodservice establishments across Australia.

Brioche Gourmet is the perfect brioche: soft, fluffy and slightly sweet, with every bite sure to satisfy. All products in the Brioche Gourmet range are made with high quality, authentic ingredients like French butter, milk and cream.

The GMO-free, traditional recipes are made to the strictest BRCGS international food safety certification standards so you can be assured of both quality and consistency with every order you place.

The Brioche Gourmet range available in Australia includes:

Brioche burger buns (pack of four): the perfect choice for meat or veggie burgers, always soft and delicious to complement to your recipe creations. Suitable for vegetarians.

Brioche burger buns with sesame seeds (pack of four): the same beautiful burger buns topped with sesame seeds.

Brioche sliders (pack of 10): buttery, light, soft and slightly sweet, the ideal slider for pulled pork and crunchy vegetable slaw, mini gourmet burgers or mini BLTs. Also great to serve warmed up to accompany a soup or meal.

Split-top brioche hot dog buns (pack of 6): add a gourmet touch to your hot dogs by using golden brioche hot dog buns with your favourite fillings, sauces and toppings.

All products are imported from France and delivered frozen, ready to thaw and serve. Each has a frozen shelf life of 365 days, and a fresh use-by date of 14 days once thawed.

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