Sydney’s Restaurant Hubert has announced Brendan Fong as its new executive chef.

Fong joins Swillhouse after time at Esca Group’s Lilymu and Merivale’s Mr. Wong, with the chef ushering in a new chapter for the French-leaning establishment.

Having spent eight-plus years cooking Asian cuisine, guests can expect dishes that reference plates you’d see during Hubert’s early years.

“I wanted to continue the focus on classics but represent them in a different way, my menu will be fresher, less heavy,” says Fong.

“When Hubert first opened it had a little bit of Asian influence in its dishes, I plan to bring that back.”  

Fong has developed new plates including kingfish with bonito, soy, and brown butter, which the chef says has the “perfect balance of acid to fat”, as well as a stuffed pig’s trotter with ginger shiitake accompanied by potato puree, which is a tribute to the late Jeremy Strode.

“He taught me how to make this dish,” says Fong. “Jeremy evolved the recipe and I have put it on the menu exactly as he taught me.”

Other additions cover duck neck sausage with dijon wasabi as well as a whole lobster teamed with green garlic butter and chives; scallop and prawn toast with rouille and fine herbs; and an apple miso tarte tatin with Calvados ice cream.

Fong’s menu is now being served.