Andrew Skoullos and Chef Emma Jeffery have opened a European-style espresso bar and bakery in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

The takeaway-only venue has a range of Melbourne’s finest baked treats from the likes of Babka, Penny for Pound, Shortstop doughnuts, Five and Dime, Söt by Mörk, Olive Lane and many more.

A variety of croissants from traditional and almond to double-baked pecan pie, along with pain au chocolat, escargot and seasonal fruit Danish.

Also on offer are sweets such as cinnamon and cardamom buns, vegan pistachio and yuzu bundt; Florentines with caramelised almonds, honey and Madagascan chocolate or classic canelé and doughnuts from Shortstop.

Basque cheesecake flavours will cover plain, chocolate, spiced pumpkin and Biscoff with carrot cake and flourless orange cake also in the mix.

Savoury treats include focaccia pizza slices with meat and veg options, tiropita, sausage rolls and sandwiches with a rotation of fillings.

The bakery will have six signature loaves available daily including sourdough, mixed seed, baguette, mixed seed, light rhye, olive and sourdough fruit.

Behind the espresso machine is Australian Barista Championship Judge Jinny Chloe who will work with a monthly rotation of Melbourne-based roasts from Market Lane, Duke’s Espresso and Inglewood coffee roasters.

Customers can take home 250g bags of coffee or jars of Rooftop Honey and Jam Lady jams.

Breadwinner is open from Monday to Sunday from 7:30am until 2:30pm.