Brasserie Bread has taken out the 12th Annual Sydney Royal President’s Medal at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The President’s Medal is the pinnacle of the Sydney Royal Wine, Dairy and Fine Food competitions across the calendar year and recognises Australian producers that create the highest quality products by sustainable means.

Brasserie Bread was nominated for its Flinders Ranges Sprouted Wheat Loaf in the Professional Bakery Competition, which was awarded for its astounding volume, delicate crumb and good texture.

“Brasserie Bread is a true success story, having begun more than 20 years ago from Michael [Klausen] and Tony [Pappas’] determination to produce a unique product that has now become a staple for so many Australian families, including their renowned sourdough,” says Lyndey Milan OAM, chair of the Fine Food Committee.

“Michael actually approached wheat growers in numerous states to get them to produce a strain specifically for a bread made from a single origin. That is the ultimate in provenance of food and that is really what underpins the President’s Medal.”

Brasserie Bread co-owner Michael Klausen praised his team and Australian consumers for demanding change and “traceability” of foods.

“I am so proud of all the people who have been willing to come with me on this journey and accepting that we just can’t keep doing what we are doing and we have to change the system,” he says.

“I can just see good things coming out of this which is fantastic. Today we can now put a loaf of bread on the table and tell you what paddock it is from and that is extremely important.”

The other finalists for the award were: Barossa Fine Foods (ham), Black Label Berkshire (pork), Poachers Pantry (smoked duck breast), Gage Roads Brewing (beer) and Gundowring Fine Foods (ice cream).

Brasserie Bread was awarded $10,000 cash and a stand inside the coveted Dome during next year’s Easter Show.

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