Black Star Pastry, the home of one of the nation’s most Instagrammed desserts, will be opening inside Books Kinokuniya at Sydney’s The Galeries next month.

With a slightly different aesthetic to the patisserie’s flagship venue in Newtown, Black Star Pastry at The Galeries will be housed on a large laminated counter and feature cardboard furniture.

“We really wanted [the shop] to look like it was entirely made out of cardboard since we’re inside a bookshop,” Christopher Th, founder of Black Star told Broadsheet.

The new venue will seat 20 customers and offer newly created pastries such as the ‘Pastry Taco’ (pastry moulded into a taco shell shape, and filled with white chocolate and matcha, chilli chocolate or lemon meringue) along with some of the patisserie’s mainstays such at the Strawberry and Watermelon cake.

“I feel good about the CBD. There are so many people around, it’ll go down a treat.”

Hospitality recently filmed a masterclass with Th on innovative ways for chefs to incorporate truffles into their menu. Click here to watch the full video.


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