Bill Hardy, Hardys Global Brand Ambassador and a fifth generation Hardy winemaking family member, has been named the 2015 South Australian Legend of the Vine by Wine Communicators Australia (WCA).

In addition to the award, Hardy also becomes a life member of WCA.

The award was designed to recognize an individual who made an outstanding and lasting contribution to the Australian wine industry. Fellow recipients of the award include: James Halliday, Rob Hirst, Patrick Iland, David Lowe, Phil Laffer, Chris Anstee and Lyndey Milan.

“In his 43 years with Hardys, Bill has been unwavering in his commitment to sharing and engaging consumers around the world with his family’s 163-year-old story,” said WCA Chair Angus Barnes.

“Today he travels the world – from the Caribbean to Lords’ Cricket Ground – combining his passion for science, environment, history and the simple pleasure of enjoying good wine. He is a great ambassador for Hardys and for the entire Australian industry.”

Hardy says that being a recipient of the award marks a high point in his career.

“It has been a privilege to be part of the phalanx of Australian winemakers who have circled the globe, telling the stories of Australian wine and making it come to life for far-flung consumers,” says Hardy. “To be recognised today by Wine Communicators of Australia for my own role in this resoundingly successful initiative is a high point in my career.

“I may have had the good fortune to be born with wine in my blood but my passion for the product, for growing the grapes, for making the wine and, particularly, for stimulating these passions in others, has been a deeply personal and satisfying life’s journey.”


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