A bid to overturn new rules relating to the number of food truck operators in the Adelaide CBD has failed.

Late last month, the Adelaide City Council voted to reduce the number of food truck operators from 40 to 30 and increase licensing fees to $2,500 per year. In addition, the number of food truck operators permitted to trade in the CBD before 6pm will be limited to 10.

The amendments to the regulation were made after a number of established brick and mortar venues reported losses due to the increased presence of food trucks near their restaurants. According to Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA) CEO, John Hart, some businesses experienced between a 30-50 percent reduction in trade during a specific six week period commencing in March this year.

As reported by Adelaide Now, this week’s failed bid to overturn the amendments was blocked by a majority faction at Town Hall.

At the meeting, councillor Phillip Martin proposed that the introduction of the new rules be suspended until after the state government decides whether to take the powers of regulating food trucks away from local council. In addition, premier Jay Weatherill launched a discussion paper on the removal of food truck regulating powers from local council, a move that has divided the council floor.

Councillor Anne Moran – who voted to stall the introduction of the new rules – believes that the voting powers should stay within local council, however councillor Megan Hender said that she would support the state takeover of food trucks in a bid to reduce red tape.

Councilor Natasha Malani agrees with Hender, adding that the move would allow for more consultation with stakeholders.

The council has now sought outside legal advice on its policy which will be provided to a committee meeting on the 8th of December.


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