New venue Ben’s Supernatural, which opened in mid-July, specialises in providing healthy fast food options.

Founded by Casey George-Jolson, every item on the Ben’s menu has been developed by executive chef David Selex (ex-Florentino, Nobu, and Vong) and approved by head nutritionist Bannie Williams (The Healthy Ingredient).

“We want to make healthy eating a no brainer, and while simple, it’s a model that took our team of talented chef’s and some very dedicated nutritionists over two years to perfect,” says George-Jolson.

“Each element of the dishes we’ve created — right down to our seed mix and sauces — connect back to the same idea: we do the science, ingredient-sourcing and cooking to make healthy eating effortless.

“That’s why everything we serve is cooked on site to specifically formulated recipes, and where we aren’t cooking it ourselves, our suppliers are doing so under our strict supervision. Call us control freaks, but it’s the only way to know what goes into our food — and into your body.”

The macro nutritional data for each item is available to customers via a nutritional calendar on the venue’s website, with the information provided for entire meals as well as individual ingredients. Detailed information about allergens and dietary requirements are also provided.

“When we set out to create Ben’s, we decided we wanted to develop a completely transparent menu — simply because our food has nothing to hide,” says George-Jolson.

Dishes are created based on five key pillars: whole natural and unprocessed foods; nutrient dense meals; balance and moderation; transparency; and ethical and socially conscious sourcing of ingredients.

The menu features made-to-order, a la carte, and take-home options that meet a range of dietary requirements. Alongside low-carb burger buns, wraps, pizza bases and English muffins —all created by master baker David Flukes — are vegan, pescetarian, paleo and gluten-free options.


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