Barangaroo restaurant and vermouth bar Banksii is slated to bow out from the Sydney dining scene at the end of May.

Co-founders Rebecca Lines and Hamish Ingham opened the restaurant in 2016, and say they are ready to start a new chapter after a five-year run.

“Banksii has enabled us to invite Sydney-siders to dine at our Mediterranean table and develop an understanding and appreciation of the aromatic flavours of vermouth,” says Lines.

But the pair will be hanging onto the waterside location and will soon launch Tequila Daisy; a concept inspired by Mexican cuisine.

“Hamish and I have never been ones to sit still, and our penchant for change continues to inspire us to have fun and mix things up,” says Lines.

“The last 12 months has given us the freedom to experiment and explore our obsession with Mexican-inspired flavours. We’re excited to be able to share what we’ve been working on with the opening of Tequila Daisy in August.”

More details will soon be released on the new offering, with Banksii continuing to accept bookings until 30 May.

Image credit: Nikki To