Independent research and insights from the Marine Stewardship Council’s annual report have found that 51 percent of Australian consumers are willing to pay more for sustainably certified seafood. 

The new consumer data is the largest ever global analysis of attitudes to seafood consumption and was carried out by independent research company GlobeScan, on behalf of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

“This research released in conjunction with MSC’s latest annual report shows Australian consumers are voting with their wallets to future-proof our oceans by opting for sustainably certified seafood.  

“This is not just a passing trend, it’s an evolution strongly driven by consumer demand that demonstrates greater engagement on traceability and consideration towards our food sources,” said Anne Gabriel, Oceania program director, MSC.

“With four out of five households (85 percent) of Australians purchasing seafood on a regular basis, there’s an opportunity for consumers to make a tangible difference by choosing to source sustainable seafood. Sixty-nine percent of Australian seafood consumers state they want to know that the fish they buy can be traced back to known and trusted sources, so it’s clear to the supply chain and the retailers that consumers want to know more about what they’re buying,” Gabriel continued.


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