Australian Venue Co. has entered into an agreement to purchase Robe Hotel in Robe, South Australia.

The acquisition agreement was signed on 10 September 2020 and will see Robe Hotel become the oldest venue in AVC’s portfolio. Settlement is anticipated in late October.

Founded in 1847, the 1,985 sq metre pub has scenic views overlooking the Southern Ocean, a large lounge & dining area, front bar and gaming room, as well as beer garden and atrium with separate bar during the peak summer period.

“Robe Hotel was founded in 1847 and becomes AVC’s oldest pub, in front of Melbourne’s Duke of Wellington which was founded in 1853,” Australian Venue Co. CEO Paul Waterson. “The acquisition allows us to grow our pub footprint in South Australia and this is a really iconic venue in the state.

“In a post-pandemic world, we are expecting that people will value their country and coastal pubs more than ever. AVC will continue to acquire hotels in these iconic locations with a view to maintaining their unique coastal feel.”

In total, AVC has 180 venues across Australia and New Zealand, including other South Australian venues such as Brighton Metro Hotel, Hampstead Hotel and The Grand Junction Tavern.

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