With International Bacon Day taking place on 31 August, the search for Australia’s best bacon is well underway.

Butchers and smallgoods manufacturers from across the nation have sent their entries into the Australian PorkMark Bacon Awards and judging for the 2019 awards has commenced.

The panel will first each individual bacon based on appearance, before they assess the aroma and lean to fat ratio in both the raw and cooked bacon.

The panel — made up of German meat master, Fleischmeister Horst Schurger, along with three chefs Simon Bestley, Adam Moore and Paul McDonald — will determine the winning bacon, which is set to be announced on 26 August. Winners from each state will also be revealed.

Australian Pork Limited general manager of Marketing Peter Haydon says the competition shines a light on smallgoods makers who are using 100 per cent Australian pork to produce their bacon.

“People are becoming much more interested in where their food comes from — now more than ever — and this competition celebrates that by championing Australian grown,” says Haydon.

“Many people are surprised to learn that 80% of bacon sold in Australia is made using imported pork. If you want to support Australian pig farmers, look for the pink Australian Pork logo on pack.

“Otherwise look for the green and gold Country of Origin Label and make sure the bar chart is almost full.”

New podcast from Australian Pork

It’s a big week for the producer owned organisation with the Inspired by Australian Pork team also launching a fortnightly podcast series. ‘Talking Pork’ is hosted by Foodservice business development manager Venessa Barnes and will focus on providing industry insights, increasing restaurant profitability via pork, food trends and inspiring business stories.


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