In preparation for a busy summer, Australian Venue Co. is (AVC) looking to recruit not just domestic workers, but food professionals abroad; specifically from the UK.

“Australians – particularly those in Sydney & Melbourne – are absolutely overdue for a good time,” says Paul Waterson, CEO of AVC.

“We see huge demand every time we come out of lockdown, and we expect this summer to be even bigger.”

The ‘Summer of Fun’ hiring drive aims to fill 500 jobs in hospitality, with the group covering moving costs to Australia, hotel quarantine and two weeks of rental accommodation.

As soon as workers touch down, paid hospitality training will be available online during the quarantine period.

In addition, a dining credit of $1000 will be given to each successful applicant.

For UK citizens, a portion of the costs will contribute to an Employer Sponsored Visa to ensure a smoother transition and could lead to eventual permanent residency.

Australian Venue Co. is also supporting Australians living overseas who are looking to return home.

The initiative will fill roles in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane along with country towns in Victoria and New South Wales and beachside tourist destinations in Queensland and Darwin.

“It’s been an incredibly stressful two years for people working in the industry, but I want people to know that hospitality has a bright future in Australia,” adds Waterson.

“We’re extremely confident in this summer and we’re hiring people now for it.”