The winners of the 2016 Australian Good Food and Travel Guide Readers Choices awards have been announced.

The awards are designed to recognise the country’s top establishments as voted by diners and the 2016 awards have seen a total of 482 venues receive an award.

“This is our third successful year running the Readers Choice and we’ve introduced some new and exciting categories,” says national communications manager Sheree McKenzie.

“We’ve awarded a number of new sub-sections in the Restaurant category and one additional award for ‘Bed & Breakfast’ within the Accommodation category”.

Operations manager and resident chef of AGFG Shawn Sheather said that diners voted for venues across the entire foodservice spectrum from old favourites to recently opened restaurants.

“It’s really a testament to restaurant-goers across the nation, each year they unveil new and upcoming establishments and shine a light on unexpected venues from all over,” says Sheather.

“The Reader’s Choice Awards offer a democratic accolade system that is voted by the people, for the people. It shows diversity in ways our Chef Hat Awards sometimes do not”.

The Readers Choice Awards by state are:

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