Chef Dan Arnold and his commis Ryan Cosentino achieved eighth place in the Bocuse d’Or finale, the highest Australian ranking ever.

Twenty-four countries competed for the prize of the ‘Gold Bocuse’ with Mathew Peters from Per Se restaurant in New York claiming the crown for 2017. Norway’s Christopher William Davidsen was awarded silver and Viktor Andresson from Iceland won bronze.

Bocuse d’Or president Philippe Mouchel and team coach Romuald Fassenet accompanied Dan Arnold and Ryan Cosentino to Lyon for the competition. Mouchel also served on the jury as a judge.

There was a new challenge for the 30th year of the Bocuse d’Or cuisine contest; instead of preparing one fish course and one meat course, the team was required to create a platter interpreting the Lyonnais specialty ‘chicken and shellfish’ using the famed Bresse Chicken. The second course was to be presented on a plate and be entirely plant-based. Both dishes had to be made from scratch at the competition in the allocated time of five hours and 35 minutes. See the dishes the Australian team prepared below.

“It was quite a challenge, but once we knew the dishes required and the mandatory ingredients, we could begin training in earnest,” said Arnold.

“We were fortunate that some very talented chefs from France, including our coach Romuald Fassenet and 2005 winner Serge Vieira got behind the Australian team and assisted with our training.”

“We also received much support from French companies and media, which went towards our success in the promotional campaign (which was recognised as the best in the competition).”

Mouchel said Australia’s ‘vegetal plate’ was well received by the panel of judges. “Many of the jury, including Thomas Keller himself, told me our plate was the best of the two days, one of them even gave us the top score of 40 points.”

“I have no doubt one day, if we keep working hard, we can reach the podium. This year USA led the way, and we congratulate them, it was a well deserved Bocuse d’Or win.”

The next Australian selection competition will be held on 30 May at the Foodservice Australia trade show in Melbourne. Entries open in February.

Australia’s dishes

Plate: Bushfire – forest regrowth

  • Queensland Avocado and Macadamia, Shell of Chickpeas
  • Cushion of Bowen Mango, Spiced Quinoa Salad and Pickled Onion
  • Smoked Potato Trunk brushed with Wattleseed Sauce
  • Jerusalem Artichoke and Parsley Root with Black Garlic
  • Chervil Root rock with Roscoff Onion Marmalade
  • Savours of the Australian Barbecue and Amaranth Ash
  • Cereal Crisp and Forest Regrowth
  • Mango, Avocado and Macadamia Salad
  • Pearled Vegetable Infused Broth

Platter: Uluru – Flavours of the Outback

  • Billabong of Chicken and Yabby sauce
  • Chicken leg mosaic, Tasmanian Pepper brushed Breast
  • Bush-marinated Lobster and King Prawns
  • Barbecue-glazed Corn and Polenta, confit Onion
  • Lentil and Pickled Vegetable tartlet, Lobster and Finger Lime Salad, Tarragon coulis
  • Paperbark smoked Beetroot Caviar and Wattleseed Soil


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