New research from OpenTable has revealed Australians are comfortable with restaurants researching them online before they dine out.

Conducted in Australia, the United States and United Kingdom, OpenTable’s 2016 Dining and Technology study looked into the relationship between diners and the use of technology before, during and after their dining experience.

The study found Australian diners are the most accepting when it comes to restaurants researching them online before their arrival, with over two-thirds (69 percent) saying they’re comfortable with the approach.

During their restaurant experience it would seem Australians are relying less on the traditional menu to make decisions than ever before, with more than half of diners (59 percent) saying they refer to diner-generated reviews and photos from their smartphones while at the restaurant table to decide what to order.

Technology is also playing a part in helping to ensure dining experiences extend beyond the actual meal. Location-based check-ins and photos are now standard practice, with 54 percent of Australians admitting to regularly checking-in via their personal social media channels and 68 percent admitting to taking photos of their food in order to remember the experience.

“Generally speaking, Aussies have a relaxed approach to dining out, so it’s no surprise most aren’t fazed by being searched online prior to arriving at the restaurant. We understand Googling diners can help improve customer service – enabling front-of-house staff to recognise reservation holders, or cater to special occasions such as birthdays,” said Lisa Hasen, APAC vice president, OpenTable.

Key findings from the 2016 OpenTable Technology and Dining study:

  • Australian diners are the most accepting of being Googled ahead of a restaurant reservation (69 percent), compared to US diners (64 percent) and UK diners (61 percent)
  • Diners across the globe are happy for restaurants to be privy to special dates such as birthdays or anniversaries (AU 48 percent; US 43 percent; UK 37 percent)
  • Sixty-eight percent of Australian diners admit to using their smartphone to take photos purely to remember the occasion while at a restaurant
  • When it comes to dining, 51 percent of Australians eat at a casual restaurant at least once a week, 44 percent of diners eat at full service restaurants at least once a week and 34 percent of Australians admit to eating takeaway at least once a week
  • Australian diners think technology could play a bigger role in restaurants that have counter service only

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