Tribe Breweries has teamed up with Thai partners BB&B to launch a new beer brand called Chao Siam which was developed with the help of local Thai university students.

The Aussie brewery has also launched a Wit Bier and an IPA specifically for the Thai market.

“Working with local artisans to create great brews that speak directly to their audience is what Tribe is all about,” says Stefan Szpitalak, head of international markets and co-founder of Tribe Breweries.

“Branching out of the Australian market with new brands and sharing our craft beer journey throughout South East Asia is an exciting milestone for us.”

The company has also acquired Wilde Gluten Free which it helped develop since its inception five years ago. Wilde will continue to be made at the Smeaton Grange facility and has plans to export to the Asian market.

Image credit: Drinks Business

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