Bovine and Swine Barbecue Co. co-founder Anton Hughes has announced his departure from the Sydney barbecue restaurant and catering business.

Hughes, who founded the business with partner Wes Griffiths, is an authority on both traditional Texan barbecue, and more modern barbecue techniques, and the restaurant was the winner of the inaugural Good Food Guide Cheap Eats Award for 2017.

“Opening Bovine and Swine Barbecue Co., while challenging, was a significant milestone in my barbecue career. I still have a huge passion for both Texan barbecue, and providing an exceptional customer experience for barbecue lovers,” said Hughes. “Making people happy, and bringing people together though barbecue is what continues to drive me.”

Hughes is handing the reigns to Griffiths and, according to a statement issued by the restaurant, is “embarking on more diverse ventures which are to be announced in the near future.” 


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