Pastry Chef Anna Polyviou has joined the This Is Us Team, which has opened its first store in Sydney’s Cherrybrook.

The brand initially launched a range of sourdough crumpets and English muffins in Harris Farm stores, but has now branched out with a selection of sweet and savoury options in a bespoke location.

Polyviou is heading up the creative direction of This Is Us and has designed a menu that encompasses some of her signature desserts including the fudge chocolate cake with chocolate crema and whipped caramel chocolate; brownies; lemon passionfruit tarts; berry tarts and banana bread.

Coffee is by Black Market and the store is also selling its signature crumpets, muffins and loaves of sourdough.

Diners can take a seat outside in the alfresco dining area from 8am-3pm daily and until 7pm on Thursdays.

The move comes after Polyviou confirmed late last year she would open her first retail store on Illawarra Road on Marrickville after leaving The Shangri-La in 2020.

“What better location than Marrickville,” the chef posted on Instagram. “It’s forever been a dream of mine and my team’s to be around such an amazing community.”