Anna Polyviou has teamed up with Chargrill Charlie’s again to bring back her cult cookie dough collection.

The pastry chef debuted her cookie dough tubs last year with three flavourways, but this time around, there’s a new addition.

Biscoff Bites sees Lotus Biscoff biscuits combined with Lotus Biscoff spread to create the ultimate all-rounder.

The triple choc-chip has also made a comeback, with both tubs available at Chargrill Charlie’s stores across Sydney and Melbourne for $15.

“I am very excited to partner with Chargrill Charlie’s again on this inspiring initiative,” says Polyviou.

“I love seeing everyone in the kitchen, cooking and growing a passion for baking during these hard times, and cookie dough is the perfect way to do so!”

Chargrill Charlie’s co-owner Ryan Sher says the cookie dough sold out in just days last year, which meant bringing it back again was a no-brainer.

“It’s a great opportunity to support our industry, and we’re so proud to be aligned with Anna, who has hired 15 people to help with the collaboration, ultimately supporting suppliers and staff in the hospitality industry during this tough time,” he says.