Analiese Gregory has announced she will be leaving Franklin at the end of November after two and a half years.

The chef confirmed the news on Instagram, saying her time at the Hobart restaurant has been a huge part of her life.

“So many people have spent their time and expertise to create what it [Franklin] has become, but it’s time to finish a few other projects I’m working on,” she wrote.

Gregory will take a few months off to travel, look into new opportunities and spend time at her Hobart property.

The chef is also working on her debut cookbook which will (hopefully) include snippets on foraging, fermenting and her many other culinary talents.

During her time at Franklin, the restaurant won a number of accolades including two hats and most recently ranked in at no.14 on the 2019 Delicious top 100 list.

No word on a replacement Franklin chef just yet – stay tuned.

Image credit: Sustainable Salmon

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