A recent survey conducted by payment solution start-up app Clipp, has found that close to 60 percent of Australians now tip within the pub, bar and restaurant scene.

2,024 pub and restaurant-going Australians participated in the survey, where they listed their age, approximate income and motivations for tipping.

The survey found that 1.5 percent of Australians tip based on looks; 12.5 percent tip due to the quality of the meal; and 3.1 percent tip when they receive special privileges such as a nice table.

According to the survey the number one motivation for rewarding staff is fast and attentive service with 56 percent of respondents rating it above any other variable.

The survey also found that older customers appear to value service more with 71 percent of Australians in their 50s tipping at restaurants – the highest of any age group. This is followed by people in their 40s (63 percent), then 30s (60 percent), 60s (59 percent), 20s (48 percent), and under 20s (29 percent). High income earners (over $150,000) are most likely to tip at 74 percent, however they average a tip of between 5-10 per cent of the bill. 

“While Australians aren’t obliged to tip, our survey suggests we are happy to as a reward for wait staff for great customer service,” says Greg Taylor, co-founder of Clipp.

“Generally, most Australians believe tipping between 5-10 percent is considered reasonable, with the survey identifying one in three (37 percent) tipping this much.”

Taylor adds that results of the survey indicate that the phasing out of credit card signatures in 2013 actually had a positive impact on the nation’s tipping culture despite initial concerns from some hospitality operators.

“This recent survey puts these qualms to rest because it revealed the surprising figure that almost 60 per cent of patrons now tip,” says Taylor.


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