Chef Alejandro Saravia has announced he will launch new farm-to-table restaurant Farmer’s Daughters in Melbourne.

The restaurant will join Chris Lucas’ venture with Martin Benn and Vicki Wild at the 80 Collins development, which is slated to open in 2020.

Saravia’s venue will cover three floors within the development: a street frontage on Exhibition Street and food offering, rooftop dining space and an urban food farm.

Each level will have its own identity, with the ground floor deli offering charcuterie, cheese plates, sandwiches and takeaway options and the rooftop providing a menu that utilises produce from Gippsland and the state’s east. The space will also have a formal main restaurant open for lunch and dinner.

“Gippsland’s farming history is rich, its soils are fertile and it serves as a major food bowl to Melbourne,” says Saravia. “I feel a responsibility to the dedicated growers and producers of the area to give them a world-class platform to showcase their exceptional ingredients.”

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  1. Looks great, can’t wait to experience the Gippsland Flair in Marvellous Melbourne

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