QT Sydney was looking to do something a little different for its high tea offering. My brand has been quirky and fun from the start, whether it’s the flavours I use or the names I give my cakes. I think QT is like that, too. We are a great match and the team has been fantastic with bringing QTea to life.

We want guests to feel relaxed and excited and to just have fun. It’s not your nan’s high tea and breaks the mould from what you’d expect from traditional hotels.

There is great food, great drinks and a great atmosphere. It’s a moody and beautiful location that allows you to completely immerse yourself in a New York-style look and feel, but still enjoy the intimacy of being in the heart of Sydney’s bustling CBD.

As time goes on, I am hoping to add more theatrics from the pastries to how they are served to guests. The dishes and flavours I’m creating are largely based on seasonality and top-quality local produce. We are starting off classic with vanilla and fruit flavours including strawberry and passionfruit and giving it a QT twist.

The high tea arrives in a black three-tier cubist-inspired tower with each dish hiding inside its own black square. The menu will evolve over the months, but I’ve started with favourites I know people will love as well as a few new creations.

We have classics including my Zumborons (macarons) and the passionfruit tart and then we have bespoke dishes crafted especially for the high tea. These include a savoury twist on a classic scone served with strawberry and lemon myrtle jam; a heart shaped cake with a red glaze and pistachio and raspberry centre (one of my favourites) and a white-glazed yuzu and sesame vanilla cake.

On the savoury side, expect Champagne lobster rolls with coconut, chilli and lime mayonnaise; goat’s cheese tarts with asparagus and caramelised tomato and a play on a Caesar salad (spoiler: it’s like san choy bau).

To drink, Perrier-Jouet leads a selection of 60 Champagnes from QT’s awardwinning wine list and the tea menu includes a bespoke blueberry macaron blend by Zumbo.

QT is full of diverse, amazing people that connect to the brand and make it unique,
which is what I want to shine through. This right here is my passion, and I’m excited to continue to elevate the offering as I meet and interact with customers over time.