Re- Owner Matt Whiley is encouraging other operators, producers and venues in the industry to reassess their food waste in a new documentary launch film entitled Never Wasted.

Directed by Kaius Potter and produced by creative production company, Winifred, the short launch film provides insight into the operations of the acclaimed bartender’s no-waste Sydney bar Re- .

“Re is living, breathing, proof that bars and restaurants can not only deliver high-quality food and beverage in a more sustainable way, but can also make businesses more profitable in doing so,” says Whiley.

“Food waste costs our economies billions per year as more than five million tonnes of food ends up in landfill meaning one in five bags of groceries winds up in the bin.

“We have a responsibility to look hard at what we’re not using and find ways to make it desirable, and the time is now.”

The venue uses the waste and by-products of other Sydney venues and producers to create their menu with the documentary also shining a light on the collaborators of the unique supply chain.

Collaborators featured in the documentary include Roni Khan (OzHarvest), Josh Niland (Saint Peter), Dan Ye (Artificer), Shelley Simpson (Mud Ceramics), James Harvey (Yullis Brews), Matteo Pochintesta (Mapo Gelato), Donato Toce (Gelato Messina) and many more.

In showing the collaborative process, the film aims to take a look at some of the changes the industry can make in order to reduce waste and move towards a more sustainable future.

A full-length documentary is still in the works.

See below for Never Wasted launch film: