This year’s Fine Food Australia is certainly not the first, but there are a host of first time happenings to get even the most seasoned attendee excited. New experience junkies will delight in a host of new products and features at the show, including:

1. Roasters Lane

Dedicated to tea and coffee, the brand new Roasters Lane will cover all aspects of leaf and bean: from tea masterclasses to coffee tastings, and expert seminars discussing trends and industry predictions.

2. Very, very limited edition products

The Best New Products Awards are always a great place to find out what’s new and hot, but Byron Bay Cookie Company is taking newness one step further. This year they have announced something very special – a cookie that will only be available at the event. Launching specifically for and at Fine Food Australia 2016, the ‘jam doughkie” concept merges two favourite treats – jam donuts and cookies.

3. World tea championships

With a maximum of just 12 contestants, the soothing reputation of tea may soon be shattered with this fierce competition. Entrants will be judged on brewing expertise, service professionalism, tea knowledge, and quality of tea served.

4. Footy fever

The heat in Fine Food Australia’s kitchens always makes for great viewing, and this year there will be new twists on two of the most popular contests. The much loved Great Aussie Pie Comp will pay homage to the host city’s obsession with AFL with the addition of the footy pie to their categories. Calls for oval/oblong shaped pies that depict team colours in edible form are now open.

5. Pizza with the lot

For the first time, the Australian arm of the World Pizza Championships will invite international competitors to travel for a slice of the action. Pizzaiolo from France, Mauritius, New Zealand, and Korea are confirmed to attend.

6. Illegal substances…

Find a corner of the floor to check out the kuzu (starch) you’ve scored, amongst other things, from Good Grub Hub. Extracted from a plant that is ‘illegal’ in Australia in its raw form, and of historical importance in its homeland, this Japanese starch is in high demand for its thickening properties that also adds a shiny gloss to soups and gravy with no starchy aftertaste.

There’s no doubt that the Fine Food Australia 2016 will be an invaluable four days for the foodservice, hospitality and retail industry. Along with nearly 1,000 exhibitors featuring innovative and exciting new products, it provides an unrivalled opportunity for networking and insight into the future of Australia’s food industry. Register online for free entry and save the $30 door charge using promo code: BISTRO

Register online for free entry.


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