After 10 years, Sydney operators James Bradey and Warren Burns have done away with 8 Hospitality and rebranded as Liquid & Larder.

The business partners run a number of venues including Grandma’s, The Wild Rover, Wilhelmina’s, Burgerhood and the soon-to-open restaurant Bistecca.

Bradey says the name-change is in line with the group’s new approach which includes bars along with restaurants and retail concepts.

“We wanted a broader, more transferable brand identity as we move into restaurants and retail,” he says.

“When we opened Grandma’s we were into rum and cocktails and having fun. Then we switched to stiff whiskies, craft beer and pubs with The Wild Rover, and relaxed neighbourhood wine bars with Wilhelmina’s.”

Italian steak restaurant Bistecca is set to open in July on Bridge Street, Sydney.

Image credit: Good Food

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