Alan Moyle

From a young age, I was always trying to bake with my mum as she did a lot of fundraising stalls at school. If we went to someone’s house, we would always take a plate or a selection of sweets and the reaction was always one of happiness.

For me, it was a real treat to go to a cake shop with mum and it was something I looked forward to because it brought me happiness in those little moments.

Early on in my career, I spent time in London working at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal which I loved. I realised how far advanced the industry was over there and how much I had to learn. At Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, they asked me to come up with a dessert dish.

While I was ridiculously nervous, the chefs were so encouraging with their positive feedback — they even asked for the recipe of one element. The key lesson I learnt there was that every little detail matters, no matter how small.

Back in Australia, it was incredible to work with Ben Shewry and be able to collaborate with him on the dessert trolley. Ben was a mentor to me — and still is. I have learned so much from him not only kitchen-side but also the small little details of running a business. He has lifted me up in terms of believing in me.

I have absolutely loved starting my own business Mietta in Melbourne’s Malvern. I always wanted to have a bakery and it’s been my ambition since I was younger. I’ve created it to welcome people of all ages and cultures and I hope it brings them boxes of joy.

Many of the cakes on the Mietta menu are classics from the dessert boxes I previously sold via Instagram. I’m working on new items and have a long list of ideas and things I hope I can bring to light soon. At the moment, the most popular items are the Honey-misu, the eight-layer carrot pecan cake, and the two-texture chocolate cake

Baking in general makes me so happy. An aspect I love is when I have done a product so many times and it turns out better than the previous version — I love refining details and evolving the product to be the best it can be. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I’m always looking for ways to improve.

The reception from the public since opening all feels a bit surreal to be honest! I didn’t realise how much people really love the cakes I make. A lady arrived at Mietta with a suitcase and told me, ‘I just came from the airport from China. I saw you on Instagram — I love your cakes!’

There have been so many customer interactions like this with our lovely staff and it makes me so glad I finally made the decision to take the leap and open my own store.