Interim data from a new study conducted by Melbourne university, RMIT has revealed that at least 40 percent of food purchased for stock ends up in the bins of restaurants, cafes and other foodservice businesses around Australia.

RMIT’s Watch My Waste research project began in March 2015 and requires participating businesses to measure their food waste at three stages of generation (spoilage, preparation and customer plates) over a three month period in addition to completing two business operations surveys. Once the three month period has been completed, participants are issued with a report analysing their food waste and associated costs.

The project will be running until the end of July 2016, and researchers are encouraging foodservice venues around Australia to get involved for the final round of recruitment between now and April 2016. The final research piece will aim to provide detailed data into where, how much, the cost, and why food waste is being created within the Australian foodservice industry.

Interim data has thus far suggested that the national hospitality sector spends approximately 24 percent of weekly turnover on food purchases (a number similar to ABS figures) and that at least 40 percent of food purchased for stock ends up in the bin. The data also found that food waste in businesses is as high as 317g per cover in some cases.

Participation in the Watch My Waste research project is free with final registrations closing in April 2016. To register click here and for further information visit or contact


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