Managing a venue is stressful enough without having to worry about juggling suppliers. So what if there was a way to manage all your suppliers in one place? FoodByUs is a new one-stop shop for the foodservice industry that features hundreds of producers located in a handy app. FoodByUs works with a range of suppliers that offer everything a venue could need from baked goods and meat to dairy, beverages and fruit and veg.

New producers are added to the app every day, so venues can have access to the latest products that keep up with trends such as vegan and gluten free alternatives. Ordering through the app is simple and only requires a few steps compared to dealing with individual suppliers, which typically involves messy ordering processes, credit applications and complicated invoices. No matter how many suppliers you choose to buy from, FoodByUs allows users to pay in one transaction with a credit card or direct debit, which can be instantly set up through the website. And the best part is the app also offers competitive prices, so you know you’re getting a good deal.

FoodByUs is committed to providing a superior customer experience and has dedicated sales representatives in Sydney who are able to visit venues, determine your needs and provide samples to get you started. Sign up now and start streamlining your suppliers. There are no lengthy application forms to complete, just log in and get going. Order now and utilise the promotional code HMAGZ18 for $50 off your first order over $100!

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