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The finalists for the 2017 Hostplus Scholarship supported by the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival have been announced, with a winner selected on Tuesday 25 July.

Finalists include Michael Bascetta, venue manager at Bar Liberty; Zackary Furst, sous chef at Ides; Cameron Maher, restaurant manager at Estelle by Scott Pickett; Caitlyn Rees, head sommelier at Fred’s and Megan Sullivan, restaurant manager at est Restaurant.

The winner will fly to three different countries over three weeks to work in internationally acclaimed hospitality businesses specifically tailored to their career. Upon return, the winner will begin a year-long mentorship in Australia with a local industry leader.

The judging panel comprises four judges with more than 10 decades of knowledge and industry experience between them.

Gail Donovan, owner of Donovan’s Restaurant, Matteo Pignatelli of Matteo’s Restaurant, Rafael Rashid, the forefather of the Melbourne food truck scene and Fleur Studd of Market Lane Coffee all returned to the panel alongside Jo-Ann Moody, gastronomy manager of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and Umberto Mecchi, group executive, strategy, marketing and client services at Hostplus.

“As the national superannuation fund for the hospitality, tourism, recreation and sport industries in Australia, Hostplus is proud to support this important scholarship and further promote hospitality as an exciting and rewarding career option,” said Mecchi.

Image credit: Daniel Mahon 

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