Double Bay will soon be home to 1888 Certified, a butcher founded on the principles of traceability, sustainability and ethical production.

Founders Charlie Crichton and Tim White both come from a long line of farmers where sustainability in meat production has always been at the forefront of their farming ethos. The name 1888 refers to the year that Crichton’s grandfather, Charles Crichton bought a farming property in Young NSW and established a solid foundation for future generations to build on and follow.

“1888 Certified stands firm on the philosophy that our beliefs and ethics are being carried into all practices within the enterprise. I plan to build on my original vision of bringing product directly from the farm conveniently to 1888’s customers”, says Crichton. “We also strongly believe this approach would need to be adhered to by our business suppliers so that there would be no compromise on the quality of the product we deliver to our customers.”

The new store is being designed by prominent design firm TomMarkHenry, and is being built to house high-quality grass-fed whole carcass produce, which will be delivered straight to the store guaranteeing quality, traceability & freshness. 1888 Certified has already secured the business of a number of foodservice operators including Vine in Double Bay and The Cottage in Scone with more prominent restaurants to come.

1888 Certified will specialise in grass fed beef, heritage pork, domestic lamb and naturally raised poultry that complement the six pillars of the business: sustainability, ethical production, quality, traceability, origin and community.

1888 Certified will open on 1st September, 2015.


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