Profitable Hospitality, a membership-based educational resource for foodservice operations, has relaunched with a fresh new look and tailored content covering business management, marketing and operational best practice.

The revamped platform comes after a 12 month overhaul of the site’s content and functionality to align with the company’s industry research that identified the key career stages, role types and industry pain points where business owners and managers need support.

The site is now structured to support four business stages: start-up, established, maturity growth and maturity exit. There’s a mix of free and gated content developed to suit eight key target audiences including café, restaurant, pub and bar owners, franchisees and head chefs.

Profitable Hospitality was founded in 1995 by regular Hospitality contributor, Ken Burgin, who says the updated site now better meets the needs of what is a highly competitive industry.

“Profitable Hospitality has always been a robust business tool for people in the hospitality industry to lean on and learn from, and with the relaunch we are offering a cost effective solution for people to get the advice they need at different stages of their hospitality career,” Burgin said.

“The content is tailored to understand and address the concerns and questions that we know people in our industry have, and aims to empower them to set their business up for success and keep them in the black.”

The online resource is backed by specialist equipment funder Silver Chef Group and houses a range of educational content where users can download guides, checklists, advice articles, case studies, podcasts, blogs and toolkits.


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