Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) NSW has joined with Mirvac to open a caf concept at Mirvac’s recently opened 200 George Street headquarters.

Known as the ‘The Song Kitchen’, the ‘profit for purpose’ caf is one of the first ventures of its kind in Australia. It will provide catering services to the Mirvac team and their guests, with 100 percent of the profits to fund YWCA NSW services for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

YWCA NSW CEO Anna Bligh said, “YWCA NSW is undergoing a transition from a broad based organisation to an organisation that is the voice of women – expanding domestic violence services ensuring women and children are safe, with the ultimate goal to put an end to domestic violence. As part of the restructure, we are committed to extending our innovative ‘profit for purpose’ operations beyond our two Sydney hotels and Mirvac have proved the ideal partner to work alongside us to achieve this goal.

“The Song Kitchen at Mirvac is the first time the YWCA NSW has entered into a long-term partnership with a private sector partner. Our aim for the caf is to not only bring to life a high quality commercial offering that will deliver a premium service to Mirvac staff, but also to fund services that help and protect women and children threatened with domestic violence across the state.”

Mirvac’s CEO and managing director, Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz said, “At Mirvac we are committed to acting in a sustainable way and thinking creatively about how we invest in our communities to create social impact.”

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