As part of a new initiative between Sydney community group Pingala and Young Henrys, solar photovoltaic panels will be installed at the inner west brewer’s Newtown site.

To help get the project off the ground, the City of Sydney has provided a grant which will help to see electricity from the new system power brewing processes, equating to a reduction of around 127 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Pingala, a Sydney-based association committed to championing renewable energy, hope that the community-owned solar project will help establish a model for similar projects across the city.

“This project is building a lasting relationship between Young Henrys and the individuals who choose to support this project,” says Pingala volunteer, Jake Steele. “These local people will become vocal champions for the success of the project, for clean energy and for the local economy.

Co-owner of Young Henrys, Oscar McMahon said that the brewery is very proud to be the host site for Pingala.

“This project is run by great people looking to change the world but starting in their own backyard,” says McMahon.

“It’s an amazing concept for us to be reducing our carbon footprint and producing local beer from locally owned, renewable green energy in the heart of our community.”

Lord Major Clover Moore said that the project shows that it is technically and economically feasible for Sydneysiders to get embrace community energy.

“Our renewable energy master plan commits us to 30 per cent renewable electricity by 2030,” says Moore. “We have already installed solar across 28 sites, including libraries, community centres and swimming pools. With community groups like Pingala on board we can make the shift to renewable energy even faster.”


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