The barista is the 10th fastest growing job in Australia, according to the 2016 Census, and new data from the first ever Australian Barista Census (ABC), has revealed a number of trends about the popular profession.

Released on 5 March, the ABC — compiled by Almond Breeze Barista Blend and — results are based on a survey of 200 baristas in Australia.

The research found that 23 per cent of baristas feel they haven’t had all the training they need, while 20 percent say they are unsure how to access more training.

While 79 percent of baristas feel valued in their work and almost three quarters (73 per cent) see a future in the industry, 55 percent feel stressed or overwhelmed due to the fast paced environment and 35 percent worry about the lack of work cover for any injuries they may sustain. The top challenge though? Low pay.

Many consumers may feel guilt when switching to a new local, only 13 percent of Australian baristas are
offended if you ditch them for the skills of another. Another falsehood — 72 percent of baristas say they won’t judge consumers for their “special order”, with 96 percent of cafes offering alternative milks.

Given, 64 percent of baristas think about the coffee sector’s impact on the environment, sustainability is another key consideration: 65 per cent of venues offer a discount for bringing a reusable cup and 56 use recyclable takeaway cups.


Commenting on the research, Michael McNulty, country manager for Australia and New Zealand Almond Breeze, said, “What has become apparent is the clear need for external forces to support the barista and our independent café scene so Australia can continue to push the boundaries of coffee. With no deep heritage in coffee ourselves, Australians are borrowing the best practices from around the world and creating a super scene to be proud of.”

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