Award-winning chef Tom Milligan has been appointed Australian technical director of Le Cordon Bleu.

Milligan has more than 30 years of experience and has worked in some of the world’s leading restaurants and hotels including the Ritz Hotel Piccadilly, Hyatt Regency Adelaide, Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, Crown Casino and Hotel Windsor.

During his career, Milligan has worked with chefs such as Raymond Blanc, Terry Laybourne, Michael Quinn, Stephanie Alexander and Cheong Liew.

“With the food industry on the cusp of innovation and change, this is a perfect time for me to take on the role of Australian technical director at Le Cordon Bleu,” says Milligan.

Having worked all over the world, Tom believes Australian chefs are more innovative than overseas counterparts due to the quality of produce available and because Australian chefs are not restricted by a particular heritage.

“In Europe, you want to push forward but are ultimately restrained by tradition, whereas in Australia, our chefs come from a melting pot of different nationalities, so they tend to be more freestyle.”



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