An unassuming noodle shop in Tokyo has become the world’s first ramen bar to receive a Michelin Star.

Located in the northern Tokyo neighbourhood of Sugamo, Tsuta sells bowls of the hearty noodle dish from $9.50 to $13.30 with flavours including rosemary-flavoured barbecued pork and soy sauce ramen with porcini mushroom.

Speaking with AFP, Takatoshi Itami, one of the restaurant’s chefs, says that while the ramen bar was honoured to receive the coveted award, earning one was not exactly on the nine-seat eatery's radar.

“The most important thing is that customers like our ramen,” says Itami.

“We have good reviews thanks to them – getting a star was not our priority.”

The awarding of Michelin Stars to more accessible restaurants such as Tsuta has become more prominent over the last few years with restaurants such as London’s Bubbledogs – a hot dog and champagne bar – making it into the 2015 guide after being awarded a star in 2014.

Michelin Guide editor, Rebecca Burr said at the time that the list reflected the trend towards more informal dining – a move that was largely welcomed by critics. 


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