Sydney’s Tokyo Lamington has teamed up with Melbourne Bushfood to release a limited collection of treats.

All ingredients sourced by Melbourne Bushfood are from Indigenous communities, wild harvesters and small Australian farmers, with sustainability at the core of the brand’s philosophy.

Min Chai and Eddie Stewart from Tokyo Lamington have created nine flavourways that showcase native Australian ingredients including pepperberry, strawberry gum and wattle seed.

“Native ingredients are known for being sharp, stark and distinct in flavour, often reflecting the landscape of their origin,” says Chai.

The menu includes OG native jam (Cape York lilly pilly jam and vanilla cream dipped in dark chocolate sauce and coconut); chai and pepperberry (date and chai jam, vanilla cream dipped in white chocolate, coconut and pepperberry) and strawberry gum and cream (vanilla cream and strawberry gum dipped in vanilla sauce and coconut).

Finger lime meringue, lemon myrtle lime bitters, honey and macadamia, pepper leaf and vanilla, Davidson plum and chocolate and black sesame and wattle seed are also on offer.

The menu will replace Tokyo Lamington’s regular menu until 3 February.