Riccardo Moretti knows a thing or two about pizza. He’s been making it since he was three. Moretti was the youngest winner (16) of the Dairy Farmers Best of the Best Traditional Pizza Challenge two years in a row.

The chef made up to 5000 pizzas a week at La Piazza in Bankstown, is an industry consultant and has owned a number of restaurants. In 2015, Moretti launched RDM Pizza Australia, which manufactures traditional pizza bases and dough for the foodservice market.

“I spent my childhood on our family farm with my Italian immigrant parents,” says Moretti. “I would watch my Mamma make everything from scratch the way she had been taught from pizza and pasta to passata. I was obsessed with watching her make pizza; watching her mix, knead and stretch the dough and then cook it in our woodfire oven.”

Everything RDM does links back to the simple traditions and honesty of the Moretti family home. Moretti’s passion is to take all his knowledge as a pizzaiolo to bring quality dough and bases to the industry. “I came to the realisation that authentic artisan pizza dough could be lost to mass-produced alternatives if someone didn’t continue the tradition and make it accessible for the market,” he says.

There are currently no other hand-made authentic Italian dough or dough products on the market using the processes RDM do. “Our products are made using traditional techniques and a sourdough method,” says Moretti. “We always use a ‘mother’ yeast from prior dough batches to make more dough. RDM is able to utilise a marginal amount of yeast, making it light and easy to digest. The doughs are naturally leavened and pre-fermented for 48 hours prior to snap-freezing.

Every product is 100 per cent Australian made, using premium ethically sourced ingredients that support Aussie farmers. “We use high-protein Aussie flour and there are no additives or preservatives; the products are also vegan friendly,” says Moretti. “Our pizza bases cook in under three minutes; almost twice as fast as other brands on the market, with dough cooking in 60 seconds.”

Moretti realised businesses can suffer if they are unable to maintain a consistent product, which motivated him to create products that can help operators succeed. Laundy Hotel Group Executive Group Chef Jamie Gannon is testament to this, and has been using RDM Pizza products across 20 venues for five years. “Since using the products, we have seen a significant increase in pizza sales,” says Gannon. “RDM deliver on high quality and consistency that our customers and venues demand every time. It also enables us to maximise our bottom line by having little to no wastage costs.”

Moretti has spent countless hours developing the perfect product that is easy to use, high-quality and improves customers bottom lines. “We know how difficult it can be to maintain consistency and efficiency in the commercial kitchen,” he says. “Our products decrease wastage, save resources such as time and staffing and ensure your bottom line is maximised.”

For more information, contact the team at RDM Pizza at info@rdmpizza.com.au or visit rdmpizza.com.au