42Below has revealed the 42 Australian and New Zealand finalists of their sustainable cocktail competition.

Bartenders were tasked with crafting a drink that was sustainable, creative and well-received on social media.

Competitors put forward a number of interesting ideas revolving around reducing, reusing and recycling regular cocktail ingredients, upcycling fruit, using ingredients that would usually be binned and giving new life to spent coffee grinds.

“They’re all winners in our mind, but now, the top 42 finalists start their journey to become one of 42Below’s top four Australian and New Zealand sustainable bartenders,” says Jacob Briars, 42Below vodka professor.

Industry and consumers can now vote for their favourite cocktails on Instagram and Facebook, with two bartenders from Australia and two from New Zealand given the opportunity to travel to Bali to run a sustainability workshop and meet leaders in the ocean clean-up industry.

Finalists below.


  • Hester Britton, Jacoby’s Tiki Bar
  • Prudence Farquhar, Blue Kahunas
  • Joel Kallmeyer, Barangaroo House
  • Drue Stevens, Marlborough Hotel
  • Chiharu Tomizawa, Chiswick
  • Vincent Valliere, Pelicano Bar
  • Alexia Vrignon, The Duke of Clarence


  • Alexandra Hooker, Savile Row


  • Mitchell Clarke, Hades Hula House
  • Nick Corletto, Maybe Mae
  • Honni Cox, Hades Hula House
  • Brent Giles, Nineteen Ten
  • Kayla Grigoriou, Maybe Mae
  • Adam Hingston, Maybe Mae
  • Michael Litynsky, Hains & Co
  • Joshua McElhinney, Hains & Co
  • Chris Mons, The Propaganda
  • Gregory Perrot, NOLA
  • Will Turner, Maybe Mae


  • Tioni Naslund, Flaggerdoot
  • Anthony Silvestre, Riserva Wine Bar

New Zealand

  • Alex Dunn, Revelry Bar
  • Alex Vowles, Hawthorn Lounge
  • Ben Newman, Bedford Soda & Liquor
  • Benjamin Taylor, Revelry Bar
  • Bill Scott, Longroom
  • Campbell Bond, Fhloston Paradise
  • Geordie Holibar, Mea Culpa
  • Guy Jacobson, Cuba Libre
  • Jeremy Nivern, Mea Culpa
  • Jonny Park, Seafarers Seven
  • Jordan Allen, Revelry bar
  • Juleon Green, Bedford Soda & Liquor
  • Julien Maddalon, Revelry Bar
  • Madeleine Tate, Teddy’s
  • Jason Rosen, The Parasol & Swing Company
  • Pete Coates, Cod & Lobster Brasserie
  • Rajitha Dilown Mapitigama, Emporium Eatery Bar & Lounge
  • Rob Chacon, Teddy’s
  • Stanley Simpson-Wells, The Club (Queenstown)
  • Vincent Edfeldt, Revelry Bar
  • Zac Goy, Red Light District

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