Vestal by Zip Water is helping Australia’s hospitality industry improve profits and reduce its environmental footprint, with premium filtered still & sparkling water on tap. Vestal systems eliminate the need to order, store and refrigerate bottled water, and the disposal cost of single-use bottles. The systems connect to your mains water supply, filtering out sediment, odors and contaminants, then chill and carbonate on demand. High quality reusable glass bottles are supplied for service to table.

Systems are not limited to water, for venues looking for by-the-glass options, Vestal multi-beverage systems allow you dispense anything from a keg, including wine, beer, cocktails and sodas. With no lock in beverage contracts Vestal allows venues real flexibility to offer a changing drinks menu.

Vestal systems are available to rent or buy – request a quote today and choose from the wide variety of finishes or create a bespoke system for your venue.

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Peerless Foodservice

Did you know cheaper, inferior frying oils can cost you customer? Don’t risk your reputation!

Formula 40 is a uniquely formulated oil for heavy-duty deep frying. It has a superior, thicker and more robust oil base with a high smoke point which seals food faster, retaining food’s natural flavour.

It’s economical as it has a long fry life which means less oil purchases and oil changes. It also has the assurance of being is Australian made.

Formula 40 is the frying oil of choice for the William Angliss Institute, the specialist training provider of tourism, hospitality and events industries.

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Tip Top

Tip Top has expanded its popular Gourmet Burger Range to include a pre-sliced milk bun. The soft and airy Tip Top Milk Bun is inspired by old Japanese baking traditions and features subtle dairy notes with short, white crumb and a light glaze. The new product is pre-sliced to save chefs valuable time in the kitchen. The bun also thaws quickly, meaning minimal impact on preparation time, and can be stored in the freezer for up to four months.

The Tip Top Milk Bun caters to an increase in demand for gourmet buns and has been designed specifically for pubs, restaurants and cafes that need a quick-to-table burger that doesn’t compromise on quality.

See the full Gourmet Burger Range at and contact your local distributor to place an order.


Launched by Stoddart in March, the Kompatto comprises all the cooking modes of a great professional oven, while packing them into a 519mm wide footprint. This is space optimisation at its finest, utilising 40% less space than a conventional combi oven, allowing more work space without any loss in production.

Although considered to be of superior quality, “dry” steam is not always suited to every food type and desired result. When cooking large food items or food with particularly dense fibres, it is advisable to use steam with the proper degree of hydration and penetration, which will cook the food faster while preserving the tenderness. So far, only patented Steam Tuner system provided by the Kompatto oven can deliver options for steam.

Additionally, the Kompatto oven features a much smaller steam generator than those fitted on traditional combi ovens. The micro generator reduces energy consumption to just 1 kW. Overall saving is considered both in terms of money and environmental friendliness and equates to over 30%.

Kompatto ovens allow the user to determine both the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of the steam in the cooking chamber. The Steam Tuner system allows the user to adjust the degree of steam hydration to the precise level of dryness or humidity to provide the desired result.

Also, the Kompatto’s unique Meteo humidity control system allows for precise and efficient water consumption with minimal waste. Additionally, the water needed to reduce steam condensation is used in a more economical way, reducing consumption even further.

Available in 3 different gastronorm sizes, 6 x 1/1, 6 x 2/3 and 10 x 1/1GN, the Culinaire Kompatto range can service every requirement.

Like all Stoddart products, the Kompatto is a robust unit that is built to last and is therefore confidently backed with a solid 24 month warranty.

To discover more about this unique product, or to see a demonstration in one of Stoddart’s operational demonstration kitchens in each state office, call 1300 79 1954 or email