Hosted by Executive Chef David White, the first program focuses on how the club industry is weathering the COVID-19 pandemic, and looks at the prospects going forward.

David has sought the views from two club CEOs and two industry consultants for some revealing insights.

As pubs struggle to implement new health and safety regulations, more young people are heading to clubs, but many older patrons are staying away.

One way of overcoming their fear of infection is to work doubly hard on health and safety, and the experts agree that any club  not doing that is operating on borrowed time.

To stay in business there’s also a widespread feeling  that prices will have to rise, and that cheap meal specials are a thing of the past.

One consultant tells David the club industry was already facing a huge shake-up before  the pandemic, and that a transformation which might have taken 10 years to evolve, will now be truncated in one to two.

Another says ‘a control alt delete’ for the industry was long overdue.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Some treated the lockdown as a time to re-think and re-brand, like a new canvas, and are confident about the run up to Christmas and into 2021 and beyond.

The webinar also features a ‘watch and win’ promotion where three participants each get the chance to  win $2,500 worth of prizes.

So join David for The Bottom Line, let him know what you learned, and also register for the upcoming programs on the healthcare and pub industries.


Episode 1: Clubs | Tuesday 28 July at 10am | Click here to register

Episode 2: Healthcare | Tuesday 11 August at 10am | Click here to register

Episode 3: Pubs | Tuesday 25 August at 10am | Click here to register 

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