The past 18 months within hospitality have been extremely challenging, but with restrictions easing in locked down States we look forward to venues re-opening and capacity limits increasing. The big question for businesses as they reopen is whether they will be able to meet the new, more stringent customer expectations around cleanliness and hygiene.

As a leader in the field of infection prevention products for both commercial and healthcare applications, Whiteley has seen demand surge for products such as Hospital Grade Disinfectants and disposable cleaning or disinfectant wipes, which have long been considered a premium product used in healthcare. This has been driven by the broader business community who are wanting to provide reassurance to their staff and customers that their premises are not only being cleaned,but disinfected on a regular basis.

Within hospitality and food service venues we are seeing an unprecedented expectation that cleaning and hygiene extends well beyond the kitchen, with customers wanting to see high specification disinfectants being used in dining areas, and high touch point areas such as chairs, menus, door handles and bar tops. Having quality hand hygiene products visible and available also provides good reassurance.

Dr Greg Whiteley, a leader in field of infection prevention stated that “cleaning is much more than just having the products and a routine. We need to know about the different products available, best practice usage and train staff accordingly”.   We all feel that we know how to wipe down dining tables for instance, but studies have shown there are nine variables impacting effectiveness when wiping a surface ranging from how much detergent or disinfectant to use, how fast we clean, the type of cloth used, and how frequently it is changed. Wiping down tables between customers brings high risk of virus spread from surface to surface via the cleaning cloth. Dr Whiteley recommends that to reduce risk, follow these basic principles:

1. Use a high-quality cleaner/disinfectant like Viraclean or V-Wipes from Whiteley

2. Use single use wipes or paper towel if using a spray

3. Use each wipe on one surface only

4. Wipe in only one direction at all times

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