The challenge for the team at Simplot was to make a potato chip as thin-cut as possible while further enhanced by their world famous Supa Crunch coating for ultimate taste, crunch and hold.

Executive Chef at Simplot Australia David White says they’ve come up with a winner.

“They’re ultra thin, which makes for an exceptional presentation and unique eating appearance, and the way they cook up gives them the texture and mouth feel almost of a hot potato crisp,” says the chef.

Edgell Crispy Flats taste great, too. “With any coated chip the coating to potato ratio is what delivers the flavour, and these certainly deliver on flavour,” says White.

And they’ve been designed with versatility in mind. “You could really serve them anywhere across the market, and certainly whenever you’re looking for good plate coverage, these will fit the bill, says White.

“They’re wide and light, and they’ll really shine on the pub and club menu, but they’ll work in a myriad of applications.”

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