Table ordering has vastly adopted by over 50% of customers in venues.

With a passion for the hospitality industry and the people and systems within it, HungryHungry have been delivering back of house systems and solutions to the industry for over 15 years. As hospitality people at heart, we understand the critical requirements for each food and beverage operation.

“HungryHungry was built on the premise of using technology for good, technology that can help venues increase profitability while enhancing the customers’ experience,” says Co-Founder Mark Calabro. “It’s an exciting opportunity for venues to add value to their bottom line while bettering the customer experience.” 

Our platform offers an opportunity for venues Australia wide, to provide an utterly contactless experience that significantly reduces contact points across venues, aligns with government regulation and improves the customer service experience with on-demand ordering. Along-side order at table technology and digital menus for in-venue dining, customers can register their details on arrival, order their meal and pay without touching a physical menu.

As a browser-based platform, customers scan a QR code, order, pay and enjoy. No apps or devices needed, which is also an enormous help with government regulation compliance and ensuring the safety of customers and staff.

With its self-managed backend, fully customisable to your venue’s style and branding, our digital menu has a quick set up functionality to connect your website and social media for online promotional purposes.

Our easy to use browser-based interface has vital features we know your customers need, such as eat-in, Order@Table, drive-up takeaway, and of course, delivery.

Seamlessly integrating with your POS or as a stand-alone, you can take your reporting to the next level viewing insights into sales and customer behaviour with instant reports, location sales heatmaps and more. This is all housed in an easy to use dashboard, with sales and data-based insights coming through in real-time.

HungryHungry is in the business of helping create more profitable and sustainable venues with the use of Order at Table and Digital Menus for the hospitality industry.

We are the perfect complement to your venue, the secret sauce to creating mouth-wateringly experiences for every patron you serve.

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