Stoddart announces the release of Giorik’s ‘Essence of Evolution’ combi ovens into Australia. 

Giorik, like Stoddart, is a family owned business that has consolidated its position in Europe as a leading manufacture since 1963.  Stoddart acknowledged a similarity in evolutionary growth and product quality and took the opportunity to supply the range to the Australian market.

From dynamic to premium ovens, the Giorik range provides the highest quality with innovative technologies and extreme versatility, all at a competitive price point.

The Giorik Steambox Evolution range starts a new era, where technological research defines commercial cooking. This premium oven offers a large 9” touch screen with a high efficiency boiler that provides outstanding performance levels – reducing time, water use and energy consumption.

The Symbiotic System combines boiler integration and the optimum aspects of its high efficiency steam generator. Precise humidity control is made easy with the integrated Meteo System ensuring outstanding cooking results.

Rack control is the easy service option enabling different dishes to be cooked at the same time at various levels. Finish off service with the automatic wash system, with the choice of four wash levels as standard paired with a closed circuit and minimal water usage. The Giorik Steambox evolution range offers a large variety of gas and electric ovens in six different sizing configurations.

The Giorik Kore premium oven is the only compact oven with a boiler. Its 519mm wide footprint is maximising efficiency in the smallest space. Giorik Kore offers a large 7” touch screen with all the same features as its larger footprint Steambox.

Equipped with a high efficiency boiler, Symbiotic System, Meteo System, rack control and an automatic wash system, the Kore is the perfect addition to both small and large commercial kitchens. The Giorik Kore range also offers the choice of gas and electric ovens in two different sizing configurations.

Giorik Movair’s dynamic oven is one of a kind, complete with innovative functions and features all while offering extreme versatility with its optional mirrored door configuration. Offering precise humidity control, large 7” touch screen and an optional automatic wash system, Movair is the definition of value for money.  Movair comes in electric models only in either 5, 7 or 10 tray sizing configurations.

The Giorik Mini Touch dynamic oven is a revolutionary compact oven with intuitive and innovative touch screen controls.  With a 519mm wide footprint, the Mini Touch offers a compact 5” touch screen display with humidity and rack control, an optional automatic wash system and intuitive programming. Mini Touch is only available in electric models with three different sizing configurations.

Wifi connection is offered across the entire range, allowing customers to always stay connected with the Stoddart Cloud.  This innovative feature allows information about the oven to be gathered, so equipment errors and parameters can be analysed remotely. Connection to the Cloud also enables the oven’s software to be updated in real time.

Want to learn more? Download the Giorik Combi Oven Brochure range.

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