Bacon has long been a breaky favourite among diners of all of stripes. The surefire seller accounts for 40 per cent of all smallgoods sold in the foodservice industry. Insatiable customer demand is driving the category forward, but clever operators can do even more to lift margins in an ultra-competitive market marred by high food inflation.

Innovation by companies like KR Castlemaine has seen new cuts and formats enter the market, with streaky bacon sales surging. In fact, Nielsen reports sales of streaky bacon have tripled in five years. It offers what consumers want when dining out — pure indulgence.

Everyone loves the bigger bacon flavour-hit that streaky rashers deliver, however until now, its smaller rasher size and variability has made it harder to cook and manage the costs in a fast paced kitchen. On top of this, the acute cost per serve remains a pressure point.

An iconic brand within the DON Smallgoods portfolio, KR Castlemaine has a history of supplying industry-leading QSR chains, distributor and catering groups. This means the experienced team has been able to develop a product that takes into account the common pain points.

From the DON Smallgoods production facility, situated in the picturesque regional Victorian town of Castlemaine, the team has fixed the cost problem by creating KR Castlemaine Streaky Bacon. Meaning you can now capitalise on the customer opportunity with a new product that offers the great taste and texture of streaky bacon along with cost effectiveness of short cut and long middle bacon rashers.

Using a special traying process during production, the experts at KR Castlemaine are able to deliver Streaky Bacon that’s cut thin so you can cook catering quantities in the oven or crispy to order on the grill — all super-fast and with a similar portion cost to standard bacon rashers. The process also means the nature shape of streaky bacon is retained while creating an accurate portion size every single time.

It’s just what you need to create an exciting menu and keep your customers coming back for more.

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