Catering HQ’s Managing Director Steve Sidd prides himself on keeping his finger on the pulse of innovation and as such is always on the lookout for products which will make his menus stand apart from the competition.

As a long-established player in the Sydney clubs market, Catering HQ is responsible for the operation, management, menu planning and staffing of dining outlets and function spaces at eight well known clubs across the Sydney metro region.

While every menu is tweaked to meet the club’s demographics, there are some tried and tested products which have proven themselves as possessing across the board appeal, and as such are on offer at all Catering HQ’s club dining outlets.

Edgell Crispy Flats are a great example. These latest additions to the extensive Edgell Supa Crunch chips range feature a unique 5mm x 22mm flat style cut, ensuring generous plate coverage, outstanding yield and delicious crunch.

Served stacked, dipped or loaded, their distinctive shape and terrific taste makes them an appealing addition to any menu.

“We serve Edgell Crispy Flats with our burgers and we’ve also found they’re a great customer drawcard when loaded up,” says Sidd. “Whenever we’ve got big games on our screens, for example during NRL season, we’ll offer loaded Edgell Crispy Flats as a limited-time item and they’re hugely popular.

“We load them up with liquid cheese, sour cream, guacamole, pulled pork or pulled beef. We like mixing it up so we’ve got constant variety on the menu, and the great thing about Edgell Crispy Flats is they’re versatile enough to go with a big range of toppings.”

While Catering HQ reserves loaded Edgell Crispy Flats for sporting promo menus, their use with burgers is part of its core menu line.

“I think they’re popular because the appearance is a real point of difference,” Sidd points out. “Plus they’re a quality product, the presentation is always consistent, and our customers love them. We’ve had them on the menu for two months now and the outtake and feedback has been very positive.”

The Edgell team have worked hard behind the scenes to make Crispy Flats as thin-cut as possible while further enhancing them with Edgell’s world famous Supa Crunch coating for ultimate taste, crunch and hold.

And because they’re so thin, they don’t need to be served piping hot – even after sitting under the heat lamp, they’re perfect to serve as a crispy side. They’re also ideal as a dipping chip, burger build, part of a club sandwich or wherever you want to impart some crunch to your dish.

Add Edgell Crispy Flats to your menu today and watch them deliver on crunch, taste and versatility!

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